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Why am i this hyped??v someone talk to me



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All i want is a cute person to text them abt my day and make out on the weekends

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this could be us but u playin


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Idk they scare me so much like i’ve heard so many stories abt them gettin stuck up in ur vag like no thank u son im fine i dont need that in my life lmao


Don’t put up with punk ass bitches. My whole life I’ve had to deal with punk ass bitchery and I don’t put up with it anymore. It’s not gender specific: if a girl or a boy is bringing down your vibe, a toxic person who isn’t making you feel good, cut them straight away. No regrets, no remorse, never look back. I have amazing friends I can count on two hands. Quality, not quantity. Keep it clean, streamlined.

— Este Haim  (via haimx)

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im actually such a private person, i honestly hate people finding stuff out about me that i didn’t choose to tell them

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when a bitch calls you thirsty like you don’t already know


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